Time to release the media

If you want to play in the mainstream media pool you have to play by the journalists rules, and that means knowing how to approach the media and how to write a press release.


Following on from last week’s episode in which we discovered all the reasons you need to be generating publicity for your own business. This week the guests give you all the gold on how to approach the media, and format your press releases.


From our Headline Hunter Tanya Targett who explains the need to follow up with any journalist and Sharon Bolt from Get Free Publicity Today shares her free press release template. Annette Densham the Publicity Genie talks about how when starting out it is always easier to approach the local media. While Liz Campbell the Word Stylist gives the lowdown on the inverted pyramid and how journalists like to see information delivered.


If you have ever wanted to know how you should approach the media or how to write a press release then this is the episode for you.


A big thanks to this week’s guests


Tanya Targett from Headline Hunter

The Publicity Genie Annette Densham

Sharon Bolt from Get Free Publicity Today and

The Word Stylist Liz Campbell


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