About Corporate Podcast Productions

tracy-sheen One of the reasons I enjoy the medium of podcasting so much is that I love stories. I love to hear a narrator craft the details of a story and, as a listener, I love engaging that “theatre of the mind” to create a very detailed mental picture of the story.


At first glance, you may think that storytelling and business have no place occupying the same space, but I ask you to look at your business from your ideal customer’s point of view.


People buy from people. The connect with a brand because of the way it makes them feel. They see themselves living aspirationally because of their association with a product, and that feeling all comes down to the stories the brand tells.


Think about it… Apple don’t sell you a computer or a iPhone, they sell you community. They sell you on sophistication, sleek design and a feeling of belonging. You just happen to get a computer or a phone as part of the process.


Storytelling is the most powerful way to put

ideas into the world today.”

Robert McAfee Brown


Podcasting is a medium to help your business tell its story. To allow you to reach out through the narrative of the characters that work with you, the relationship you have with your clients, the reason why you got into business in the first place. These are the stories that connect your ideal clients with you, and with your brand.


Corporate Podcast Production’s story is a love affair with stories.


Founder Tracy Sheen has always enjoyed storytelling. As a teenager, she volunteered at her local library reading stories to children. In her early twenties she volunteered at a community radio station, and learned the power of radio to let people use their imagination to build upon a story. For a while she worked in radio advertising, learning how to craft ads that worked for a radio audience, as well as editing and production.


But it wasn’t until a friend introduced her to the world of podcasting around eight years ago that she realised what this could mean to the ‘average’ person. You no longer needed to work in radio to have your own radio show.


Of course it took the podcasting medium quite a few years to become mainstream, when the barriers to entry dropped to a point where she could create her own show.


Tracy’s first attempt at podcasting (The Ex Corporate Hippie’s Guide To Wellness) was a bit like all the other podcasts you may have heard – a traditional 1:1 interview style – and while the show itself was making good traction, Tracy was bored with the format.


It took her another 18 months to ‘stumble’ across the idea of a panel style show, utilising several guests to comment on a particular topic (think of something like “The Panel” or “The Project” but in radio form). It then took several more months of interviewing, recording, scripting and editing before she was ready to release “Not Another Business Show” to the podcasting world.


Quickly picked up by small business listeners, the show now has a global audience (listened to in over 10 countries and counting) by thousands of people each week. The panel format of Tracy’s show has been described as “refreshingly different”.


Tracy began to be approached by business owners wanting to know who had pulled her show together. This made her realise that she had the experience and expertise to help businesses create their own high value podcast.


She gathered a highly experienced team around her including a corporate brand strategist, audio editors and producers, copywriters, transcribers and graphic designers, who all help take the hassles out of creating a business podcast.


Whether you want a series of audio files housed on your website to send to prospective clients or business partners, or you want to create the next “Serial”, Tracy and the team at Corporate Podcast Production have the experience, expertise and passion to make it happen.


“Let your story be heard”


  • Tracy Sheen